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Finders Keepers - Ebook

Finders Keepers - Ebook


After a magical mishap, Krysanna, a young elf, finds herself exiled from her home of Evemyst. After accepting her cousin’s offer of Sanctuary at the Heart of the Empire, she thought her troubles were behind her, but all is not as it seems.



Once learning the true nature of the Emperor and Empress, Krysanna escapes to Earth, taking several magical items with her. The empress isn’t the only one searching for her, though. The mercenary Malice has been tasked with finding her, but so has another elf, one who has been training to become part of Evemyst’s elite guard.



At every turn, Krysanna tries to think herself safe, only to find that Earth has as many dangers as her homeland. With the help of Malice, she tries to find peace in a world she barely understands.

  • About the Ebook

    Finders Keepers is the direct sequel to Lost & Found. This file is in Epub format.

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